The War of the Dragons

The skalds tell tales that, in the mists of ancient times, the world of Siglia was a vast and untamed wilderness; forests of towering trees, mountains of brutal snow-capped stone, and oceans of unfathomable depths and terrible beasts.

In this era, Dragons ruled all things. The lesser races hid in the low places of the world, unnoticed and ignored by the mighty Wyrms, who long warred for supremacy among themselves. The world was awash in dragonblood, and many of their great clans were forever lost. The mightiest of all the clans, the Dragons of Gold, were hunted to extinction by an unexpected coalition of many of the smallest flights, each thought too weak to be of importance. But when the Golden Dragonlord Salajos was killed, the Dragonlords of the other great flights grew concerned.

While the coalition quickly evaporated into chaos as the smaller dragonflights turned once again on each other, the four greatest of the Dragonlords held a summit to find a solution to their struggles before more of their kind were lost. Their debates were long and tiresome, but eventually an agreement was found: the four flights would work together to end the battles of the other flights, and then they would divide the world between themselves, to exist peacefully – though separately.

The mighty red leviathan Astridana and her clan would take ownership of all the lands between the mountains and the sea; the blue Wyrm Vatahn claimed for his people the waters of the oceans, and the icelands of the Far North; Hamann the White was content that his own clan would forever soar in the clouds, above the cares of the other clans; and to Felrallgard, envoy of the Black Dragonkin, was given the mountains and all the high places of the world.

With this monumental decision reached, the four flight joined together and descended like a storm upon the smaller flights, and put an end to the war. Afterward, the four flights parted in peace, gathered their clans to themselves, and took ownership of their agreed portions of the world.

However, the many other, though far less numerous, dragonflights were angered that they were never included in the discussions, nor given any place of their own. But they were too weak to fight against the Four Flights, and submitted to the will of the Dragonlords.

However, one powerful dragon did not acquiesce to the Dragonlords. The Copper dragons were a proud and independent race, almost as numerous as the any of the four great flights, but they ever refused to submit to any ruler but their own.

Led by the brilliant and cruel Svikalma the Brass, the copper flight mostly escaped the retribution of the Four flights. After the Dragonlords took their quarters of the world, Svikalma and her clan searched for and eventually claimed a small portion of the world for themselves; a massive island afloat in the ocean. They declared themselves above and apart from the other flights, demanding their independence and warned the other flights to stay clear of their new home.

But Vatahn the Blue, Dragonlord of the Seas, took this declaration as in intrusion into his realm. The Copper flight battled the Blue for control of the island, but were eventually forced to withdraw, injured, back to the mainland. However, Astridana and Felrallgard and their dragonflights were prepared to meet them and reinforce their own dominance over the Copper flight.

But instead of meeting those flights in what would be a massacre, Svikalma took her kin and descended into caverns and caves, digging and burrowing into the dark places under the world. By their very nature, dragons abhorred being beneath the earth, buried with no recourse to fly. But Svikalma and her kin opted to forsake the skies than their own freedom, burying their fear beneath their pride.

Thus the Copper Dragonflight disappeared beneath the world and were not seen for many an age.

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The War of the Dragons

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