Dwarves (Gàidhlig)

The Dwarves of the Isles are a very family- and clan-focused race, prizing their family honour second only to the honour of their Kings. There are several Dwarven Kingdoms on the Isles (usually one King per dwarven-held Isle), but they are allied together and the Kings form the Council of Hammers, from which all Dwarven law is decided.

As a race, the Dwarves are obsessed with designing and building works both great and small; dwarven stonework is, of course, legendary, but so are their engineering works, most particularly the intricate and mighty airships of the dwarven navy.

The People

Gàidhlig dwarves are, as expect, short and broad, with skin colours ranging from light to dark. Hair (and beard) colour is almost universally dark, and they tend to dress in plain clothing with simple geometric designs. Dwarves have a love of intricate hand-crafted jewelry, and often wear rings and necklaces passed down through their families.

There are other, smaller, clans on the outer Isles that have refused to join any of the Kingdoms; these clans stay very much to themselves, and do not tolerate trespassers.

  • Dwarf (Playable Race)
  • Average Height: 4’ – 5’ (male and female)
  • Lifespan: 250-350 years; adulthood at 50 years
  • Ability Scores: Increase Con by 2 points
  • Speed: base land speed 25’
  • Size: Medium
  • Languages: Dwarves all speak Dwarven (Gàidhlig) and Common.


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