Aldar Shogan, the Age of Silence

Siglia was shattered beyond repair; the oceans were drained into caverns ancient and bottomless, while the mountains were shattered and flung into the heavens. Liquid fire raged across the scars of the world, and nothing remained.

But the life-giving magic of the Heart of the World prevented everything from being lost.

The broken pieces of the world were suspended high the air, forming large floating continents, forever severed from the ground of the world below. The Heart, suspended high in the skies, bathed these Isles in its light and magic, and protected the lands from the devastation that raged eternally far below. Slowly, timidly, the few surviving low races began to emerge from where they had hidden themselves, and learned to live in their new world.

Of the Dragons there was no sign; the dragonflights were never seen again.

Eventually, the ruined world of Siglia settled into stability. Continents and islands of earth floated, gently suspended in the air, providing shelter and security to the living races and animals, while the shattered remnants of the original earth continued to churn in a chaos of fire, smoke and ash.

Over the next age, the intelligent races tamed their new world, forming homes and civilizations, engaged in trade and commerce, and, inevitably, fought and won wars of violence.

Until the formation of the Silgia Empire. Under the leadership of the first Emperor and Empress, most of all the warring factions were integrated, peacefully or otherwise, into the greater Empire. Though some of the races resisted, eventually most all of the lands were joined in a peaceful, if sometimes strained, unity.

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Aldar Shogan, the Age of Silence

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