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The World

Siglia is a vast “ocean” of islands floating amongst a sea of clouds, high above the surface of the ruined world. All living beings live on these islands, while no known life still exists on the fire-ravaged world far below.

Far above, the second sun, the Heart of the World, bathes the lands in warmth and magical energies, and is all that keeps the islands secured in the skies. Though it provides light as well, it gives off little more than the light of the full moon. As such, nights are never truly dark.

A merging of magic and technology has allowed for the creation of sky-ships to sail the open skies between the islands, bringing trade, travel and war to the distant islands. The further away from the Core Isles, however, the less power from the Heart can be felt. The lands become cold and harsh, some of the furthest isles little more than massive crags of ice, slowly spinning and crumbling.

There is no travel to the surface world; though some brave, and foolish, expeditions have sought to find purchase down there, the voyage is violently dangerous, and the land itself even more so. A churning chaos of fire, the heat and plumes of ash and smoke turn the air between the ground and the Isles into an eternal storm of winds and fiery rains, taking the lives of many foolhardy explorers.

The Races

The Empire is a bastion of the ingenuity of Humanity, and though not all the races are entirely trusting of each other, most coexist and trade in peace.

A few of the largest islands are home to the Dwarves; a powerful, if small, race of craftsmen and engineers, specializing in the creation of powerful and delicate works, both large and small. The Dwarves constructed the first, and greatest, of the airships, though not without the aid of the woodland elves. Many among the Dwarves dream of finding a way back to the distant ground and building a new world there to live in.

The Woodland Elves, for their part, found homes in the forests of the Isles, living off of the plants and animals found there. For quite a long time, the elves refused to ever leave their tree-top homes, and never set their feet upon the ground; after the Sundering, the felt that they had no place upon the world ever again. Today, that attitude is no longer common, but the race still prefers to live above the surface of the Isles.

But while living atop their tree-covered islands, the woodland elves learned to understand and harness the magical energy of the Heart. They used this newfound power to secure their homes, craft works of art and beauty, and eventually to travel between the isles on wings of light. They discovered the Dwarves before any other race, and marveled at their creations, and soon enough found themselves kindred as creators of works. Together, the elves and dwarves crafted the airships that allowed their races to travel easily amongst the clouds.

Many of the so-called ‘demihuman’ races still live upon the Isles; orcs and goblins and the like. Like all the other races, their numbers aren’t massive, but there are islands fully occupied and controlled by these races. Early, and unprepared, expeditions by the elves and dwarves resulting in giving the Orcs access to dwarven airships, and the cleverest amongst them engineered their own travel using this new technology.

Other races exist on the Isles; some are only rumours and tales told by sailors. But few ever sail to the edges of the Isles, where ice covers all. And none known have ever traveled beyond those isles.

The Empire and her Allies

The Siglia Empire – situated in the center of the Core Isles, nearly directly beneath the Heart of the World, the Siglia Empire is the bastion of Humanity.

GĂ idhlig Territories – An alliance of the dwarven clans, mostly peppered through the Eastern Isles. Master craftsmen and engineers, responsible for the creation of the air ships and many other technological wonders.

Fahridh – The northern forests house tribes of the Woodland elves. The most reclusive amongst them live permanently amongst the trees, never touching the surface of the Isles. More practical elves explore the Isles and trade with the other races.

Other Factions

The Orcs – Mostly found across the Southern Seas, Orcs are given to random marauding, plowing their rugged makeshift airships directly into unsuspecting towns, overrunning them, and retreating back to their home Isles before any counter-strike could be organized.

Goblins – Unsurprisingly, goblins are found throughout the Isles in small clans. They mostly stick to themselves, living in tiny bands, but they often prey upon small villages and travelers.

The World Today

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